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Flow Colorblock Seamless shorts suit

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Combining flow colorblock with body characteristics, the contour shading enhances your figure for the ultimate flattering fit.Our seamless knitted fabrics to fit the skin with more comfortable elasticity and freedom of movement. Suitable for leisure, jogging, train or anywhere.
  • Round neck
  • None-padded
  • Short raglan sleeves
  • High-waisted
  • Mini length
  • Sweat and squat proof
  • Seamless knit fabric
  • Tight cut to the body
  • Please note: the colour of products may vary slightly from images provided, The elastic stretch of the material is up to 15cm.
  • Height 5’8”
  • Bust 33''/ 84cm
  • Waist 24''/ 61cm
  • Hips 35.8''/ 91cm
  • Lorena wears size S

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