Wanna Collab


What are our ways of cooperation?

  1. We operate a fixed collaboration budget month to month which means we only take on a small number of top influencers. For such top influencers, we are all through official invitations.

  2. We operate a fixed free sample collection month to month which means we will take on a big number of up-and-coming influencers. For up-and-coming influencers, We will actively invite some influencers. If you are interested in being a our influencer/ partner, Please email us with your social media information and a OYS SPORTS Social Media Representative will get back to you.

  3. We operate a fixed low price sample collection month to month which means we will take on a big number of Affiliate Members (Great content/Passion for fashion/Fans≧2000). For Affiliate Members, We use the non-invitation way, You can click here to join us!


What is your benefit ?

  1. Top Influencers☛ 10%-30% commission on each referred sale | Lots of free samples | Brand banner display | Generous money | 10% OFF coupon for followers
  2. Up-and-Coming Influencers☛ 10% commission on each referred sale | 5 or 3 free samples | 10% OFF coupon for followers
  3. Affiliate Members☛ 10% commission on each referred sale | Exclusive 30% OFF coupon to buy our seamless fashion | 10% OFF coupon for followers


What are your responsibilities ?

We have different requirements for different social platforms. Please follow the requirements of our Social Media Representative to create and publish. For all content, Please really evaluate it, we hope eliminate misleading consumers.


How to contact Social Media Representative ?

 instagram email

OYS SPORTS Tiktok E-mail

OYS SPORTS YouTube E-mail